Comestible is a platform for food, the places it comes from and the people who grow it, founded by writer and artist Anna Brones.


We publish zines, artwork, stories and a weekly newsletter devoted to food. We like to use food as a lens to look at other critical cultural and political issues. This is our online space where we share stories, art, and ideas. You can also explore our print editions and more in our shop.

Comestible is 100% reader supported and both the print and online editions are ad-free. Help Comestible thrive by becoming a monthly supporting member of our work on Patreon.

Ultimately, Comestible is a celebration of real food, accessible to real people. For us, food is a vehicle for stories. Through them, we honor the one thing that sustains us and brings us together, no matter who we are or where we are in the world.

Come join us.