Comestible started as a zine in 2016. Here you will find our print editions, all of which features stories, art and recipes. To order print editions, please visit our shop.

This is the inaugural issue of Comestible, released spring 2016. It's full of seasonal spring recipes, and essays on growing, foraging and eating.

Issue 2

Issue 2 is devoted to the theme of "origin," this issue of Comestible takes us to the lands of coffee, chocolate and wine. We also travel to the beaches of Brittany, France to learn about traditional marine foraging, and on the other side of the world in the Bay Area, we explore the world of natural dyeing.

Issue 3

Issue 3 takes us to a cooking classes for underserved communities, looks at the question of gender and the future of the food industry, what it's like to be a first generation dairy farmer, and gives an introduction to natural dyeing with mushrooms 

Issue 4

In Issue 4 we learn about baking with wild yeast, activism through food, what the winter months mean for farmers and how an immigrant family connect to farming and food. 

Issue 5

Issue 5 features stories about the importance of food and community building with homeless people in rural Washington, maple syrup production, the sacred foundations of women and food, he importance of inclusion in the slow food movement, and how to dye with onion skins

Issue 6

Issue 6 features stories on the Korean tradition of making kimchi, the effects of immigration crackdown on farmworkers, female conservationists in the shellfisheries of New England, the art (and science) of grafting apples to preserve heirloom varietals and more.

Issue 7

Issue 7 features stories on the history of women in beer, gender identity and culinary landscapes, the heirloom grain movement, Georgian matriarchy and food culture and more.

Issue 8

Issue 8 is dedicated to stories of migration, identity and culture. It is a celebration of where we are from and a challenge to come together.